What You Should Consider When Buying Your Next Home

Dated: 06/28/2017

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5 things you may want to think about when buying a home:

1) Determine how much you can afford.  One expert recommends to add up your monthly gross income and multiply by 36%.  This figure is the maximum amount of  debt  payments you should have, including your mortgage.   Next, total your current  monthly non mortgage debt and subtract it from the total above.  This will give  you  a fairly close estimate of what your  monthly mortgage debt should be.  Find a lender you can trust and get pre-approved.

2) Bring down your credit card debt.  Keep your purchases to 10% of your monthly limit and pay off before the due date.

3) Know your credit score and be knowledgeable about the activity in open accounts that are affecting your score.

4) Location is important.   When you decide to resell your home, will your house sell for more or less than what you paid?   Are you on a busy street, in a good school district and close to shopping and entertainment ?  These are some of the characteristics that may affect your maximizing the resale price of your home.

5) Have $2,000 to $5.000 put aside  for new furniture, new appliances and any repairs that may pop up.

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