Does Staging Really Make A Difference

Dated: 04/30/2017

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Imagine pulling up to the most amazing house, in the most desirable area! The exterior of the home meets all of your "must have's" as far as curb appeal. You practically leap out of the car, knowing when your REALTOR® opens the front door you will walk into an oasis of happiness!

As soon as that lockbox is open and the key is out, you race into the house! Your jaw, and your hopes, drop. The exterior and interior are not a match. The floors are old and worn, but not in that retro farmhouse style... more in the dogs scratched, heavy objects dropped, children colored and is that a burn in the carpet way. Moving your eyes upwards you're met with a rainbow of colors on the walls. Each room is themed differently and holds priceless treasures, family pictures, art pieces, books, etc. that give you a blaring introduction to the current owners. You knew when you started house shopping you might encounter this... but the farther you get into the home you are so distracted by all of the personalization you stop seeing the potential and start feeling an overwhelming despair, as you estimate the cost of updates needed to create the home you have been dreaming of.

 Now imagine another scenario... the home is still in your most desirable area, the curb appeal is beautiful and easily maintainable. You don't get your hopes up... you've seen this before. This time when the REALTOR® opens the door you are met with the scent of freshly painted walls that are neutral enough to compliment any design style. The floors are clean and have been well maintained. The home, while comfortable and welcoming doesn't overwhelm you. The more you see of this property the more you fall in love and know you have found your new home!

When it comes to staging your home for resale many people fear having a professional stager critique their house. As a Seller you have a laundry list of to do's. The thought of upgrading or painting almost pushes you off the edge. You know when that stager comes over, you are going to be assaulted with a "honey-do" packet. I promise Stagers are not there to make your move harder. Their main goal and objective is to help your home show its best, so you can get the most out of it. Staging professionals are not as emotionally invested in your home. They know that the off season clothing in your closet minimizes the space potential Buyers see for storage. Stagers understand you have a great collection of shot glasses from all over the world... but that might not appeal to everyone, plus they don't want any of your treasures to walk off in someone's pocket. Home stagers must be up to date on the most current as well as traditional trends, so they know the style of your house and how to make it look its greatest.

Five things you can do before your Real Estate Agent declares you need staging are listed below... these are also good idea's for keeping your clutter under control.

 1) Pack away your personal items. When you depersonalize your home, it gives potential buyers the ability to see themselves in that space. Yes, your home won't feel like your home... but it will benefit you.

Elegant Entry2) Declutter! I cannot stress enough the importance of this! You have to start seeing your home as an investment property. See it as a model home. Organizing your kitchen cupboards, closets and pantries make a world of difference. Clear off your countertops Clutter Free Closets

3) Deep clean and air out your home! Does anyone like wiping down their baseboards? NO!! However, that extra step makes the clear statement to potential Buyers that your home is taken care of.  Wash your windows, scrub your toilets, polish the floors and dust the chandelier. If this is too much to conquer... pay a cleaning service! Yes, it can be pricey but having a home that is not only decluttered but cleaned is appealing to anyone. Instead of plugging air fresheners in all over your house, open the windows let the breeze flow through then add one freshener by the front door, one by the back/garage door and one at the top of the stairs. Use the same scent in all of them so people are not overwhelmed by multiple scents.Formal Dining

4) Neutralize and reorganize... Painting your walls makes your house your own! Gives it personality and defines spaces. However; when it comes to Listing you want the color on your walls to blend into the background, creating a flow through your home that is appealing and helps your space appear larger than it may be. Your furniture placement like your paint, needs to be arranged in a way that creates unobstructed, clear walkways. Yes, you may have to take some pieces out... but it will be worth it when you get that full-price offer.Updated and Inviting

5) Don't forget you exterior! Trim bushes, repaint or replace dated lighting, repair broken gutters, mow the lawn and add new mulch in your flower beds. You want potential Buyers to fall in love with the outside of your home, just as much as the inside. You may also want to consider power washing your deck & driveway.

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If you are looking for top dollar and less time on the market, staging your house will create an incredible impact. If you feel you have the tools and resources go ahead and tackle it on your own. If not, hire a stager. Either way you want your home looking its best!

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